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Society of Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities is a student-led society that represents all undergraduate Faculty of Arts students at Toronto Metropolitan University FKA Ryerson University. SASSH works towards preparing 4400 Arts students with the fundamental tools and skills needed in order to achieve student excellence all while ensuring that each students’ academic and emotional needs are met. We are in collaboration with SASSH to not only support these students during their time at TMU, but to provide them with opportunities to gain valuable mentorship skills  that they can use post-graduation.


Fingerprints Inc. has the privilege of working with  Emmanuel Christian School. Through our collaboration, we will continue to build impactful relationships that provide their students with excellent academic support through the lens of mentorship.


The program of Child and Youth Care, allows students to strengthen their professional skills in working with young people that are facing adversity. The program educates students on theories and techniques that can be utilized in advocating for children’s rights. Students utilize their practice towards building preventive and therapeutic programs that examine research, advocacy, and policy avenues of working with young people. We are in collaboration with CYC students by providing them with mentorship opportunities. 


The Social Work program at Toronto Metropolitan University strives to advance social justice and equity for individuals, families, groups, and communities. They are involved in a variety of fields such as child welfare, social action groups, and education/policy analysis. We are in collaboration with Social Work students to provide opportunities for mentorship to these skilled advocates.


We are in collaboration with the Social Ventures Zone at Toronto Metropolitan University, which represent social innovation at the forefront of its goal. Members work with students, faculty, as well as people in the community to develop social ventures with the initiative to create an impact. 

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