Our partners

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1Million Teachers is an international education company that is dedicated to providing impactful learning opportunities, and  strong leaders in education by attracting young teachers and providing them with training. This programs offers instruction in professional development, mentorship, and foundational knowledge for teachers in a changing world - especially in impoverished communities.  Fingerprints Inc.’s partnership with 1Million Teachers focuses on helping our mentors reach their  educational goals by providing training that is essential to build a fruitful learning environment and dedicated teacher.

Ryerson Liberal Arts Society is a student-led society that represents all undergraduate Faculty of Arts students at Toronto Metropolitan FKA Ryerson University. RLAS works towards preparing 4400 Arts students with the fundamental tools and skills needed in order to achieve student excellence all while ensuring that each students’ academic and emotional needs are met. We’ve partnered with RLAS to not only support these students during their time at TMU, but to provide them with opportunities to gain valuable mentorship skills  that they can use post-graduation.