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The fingerprints
Academic mentorship program

School Supplies

1200 Hours of Learning Support Provided to Students

Our Story

Fingerprints Inc. is an education company that is dedicated to creating equal learning opportunities for students of all different learning styles while fostering meaningful mentorship.


The Fingerprints Academic Mentorship Experience has provided students in grades 3-9 with one-on-one guidance from a student mentor in university who is passionate about education.


To ensure that your child is given the care and patience that is needed for learning, our mentors are trained to be devoted and responsible leaders that are dedicated to assisting your child feel heard and accepted. The Fingerprints Inc. Team welcomes you to partake in our journey to create accessible learning for students of all skill sets, personalities and learning styles.  

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How does
it worK?

Our program believes that creating a trusting relationship between our mentors and mentees develops an effective and supportive learning environment. 

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Each student is valued as an individual with their own uniques skills and gifts. The Fingerprints Inc. team works diligently with our mentors to develop session material that is catered for each learner. 

Parents play a vital role in the learning experience. Therefore, Fingerprints keeps parents in the loop by providing them with frequent updates and a training manual that will help them support their child as they learn from home. 

What are the benefits of Fingerprints?


Fingerprints Inc. provides individuals with an opportunity to navigate their learning challenges by understanding their learning preferences. The Fingerprints Inc. mentorship program is virtual. This allows for mentorship flexibility, a student can work remotely from home or in a space they are comfortable in. 

Fingerprints Inc. strives to aid our mentees throughout their educational journey and helps students reach their learning goals. The mentorship program supports young people with their overall well-being and personal growth. Such skills that can be developed and improved involve communication, confidence, and study habits. ​

Tutoring focuses solely on academic achievement.

In an Academic Mentorship, a mentor is a role model who listens, takes an interest, and provides emotional support.

What is the difference between tutoring and academic mentorship?

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